Carlson On Commerce is a blog about  eCommerce, Mobile, Security, and Privacy written by Kevin Carlson (me). On Twitter I’m @ecomvagabond or you can follow me on Facebook or Google+.

I travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year in the US and Europe and have the chance to talk with executives from a wide variety of companies that are leading technology initiatives in digital commerce. This affords a unique perspective on the overall digital commerce marketplace and how it is affected by cultural and political issues.

I’ve been immersed in the technology industry since 1981 starting as a software developer. Having held positions with software companies and consulting organizations since then ranging from consulting management to CTO,  my experience offers a unique perspective on eCommerce – an area in which I’ve been involved since the mid 1990’s. My first eCommerce project was in Ottawa, Ontario, developing a large scale system to match volumes of buy and sell offers. Prior to the days of packaged eCommerce software, it was a completely custom system developed in C++.  Lots and lots of fun.

To be involved with eCommerce and Mobile means to deal with a very fast pace of change. I dedicate a good bit of  time to researching topics and trying things out, from new products, new languages, and SDKs that developers use on a daily basis. Since learning how to code, I’ve always found it fascinating and a necessity for a true understanding how things work. “Keeping up with the code” has always been a priority for me.

Outside of  work, I’m also a published songwriter and a voting member of NARAS. Several of my original songs have been licensed for television shows and I’m working on additional material in all my spare time 😉



e: info@carlsononcommerce.com