China’s Unspoken Luxuries

Just a brief post — I noticed a very interesting pingback on my earlier post about tapping into China’s luxury market, which highlights a few things I’ve been posting related to understanding a foreign market’s political climate.  It seems that China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce , in an effort to continue to promote its long-standing egalitarian culture has issued a statement banning all outdoor billboards that “promote hedonistic or high-end lifestyles”.  The statement goes on to mention that the words “luxury”, “royal” and “supreme” are banned.

As part of an overall eCommerce internationalization strategy, how to respond to different political climates is a must.  Marketing plans must be adjusted.  Content related to merchandise might not be a candidate for literal translation.  Perhaps even comments about merchandise would be disallowed in certain conditions.   Having processes in place to keep a company’s web presence in alignment with government policies or to otherwise meet political expectations is an important consideration.  It goes without saying that this can place extra functional and technical requirements on eCommerce platforms when serving a new market.  Understanding those requirements, their priority and how best to implement them is absolutely critical to new market success and longevity.

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