A Peach of a Twist on Flash Sales

peachRecently, I’ve posted a few articles on this blog about Private Event Retailing and recently discussed how game development techniques could enhance user experiences. Because of my interest in that area, I was happy to see that there’s a new app in town called Peach. It does something that many haven’t thought possible: It makes Flash Sales even more interesting and engaging.

Peach has cleverly built an app that creates interest through luxury products and offers them through an auction during a very short window of time — 9 minutes to be exact. They also leverage native device notifications to alert users to new auctions in which they may have interest.

I downloaded the app and easily created an account. Seriously easy. Once in the app, there were products from brands like Paul Smith, Kate Spade, and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few. Retail prices ranged from $140 to well over $1000. They also moved to a very simple user interface. The UI was very easy to thumb navigate and was very swipe-centric. Swipe up/down for product selection, left/right for additional product pictures. Granted the UI was a little hard to read in a couple of areas (white text on top of white product photos…hmmm).

Why is this a big deal in eCommerce? Because Peach has taken a staple of the eCommerce world — Private Event Retailing — and spun it on it’s axis to include auction capability and very short sale times. These two seemingly minor additions create a more engaging experience for customers, especially those that like the thrill of a private auction without it lasting days on end like a typical eBay scenario.

For the company, this means building out appropriate technology on the back-end to support very high numbers of users in 9 minute time spans followed by periods of much lower usage. Perfect for cloud-based infrastructure.

Really great to see Peach continue to create new life from proven concepts. There’s plenty to innovate on in the world of eCommerce and it’s not too difficult to identify.

Executing a great idea well is much more challenging and Peach seems to have hit both marks.

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