The Week in Commerce: October 10, 2014


Interesting things happening in the world of commerce this week. Should we be preparing for another holiday logistics fiasco? UPS acquires i-Parcel. The Internet of Things and mBed OS.  Full transcript below.

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Hi everyone, Kevin from Carlson on Commerce back with some more top stories from the eCommerce world from last week.

Does anyone remember last year’s logistics fiasco? So many last-minute packages were shipped that UPS, FedEx and others struggled to make deliveries on time? Well, as much as shipping companies would like to avoid that scenario from occurring again, it looks like retailers may be setting themselves up for another perfect storm created by offering last minute deals with shipping as late as 2 days prior to the Christmas holiday.

On one front, retailers kinda have to do this to compete in a market where everybody else is doing this. And on another, the shipping companies have a limited capacity to handle last minute items. Hopefully, it will be less of a problem this year, but when these two fronts collide, there are usually promises broken, unhappy customers, and plenty of finger pointing to go around for everyone.

In another bit of logistics related news, UPS acquired i-Parcel and will expand their cross-border logistics capabilities to over 100 countries. This is great timing as international eCommerce continues to grow and getting the package there in time, is probably the most important step in customer satisfaction.

One of the biggest influencers of commerce in the near future is going to be he Internet of Things. Connectivity gone wild — it will allow for a very granular approach to sales of many items. Imagine a world where a refrigerator generates a shopping list — and then orders some items online automatically — or a lightbulb tells you it’s about to burn out and adds a replacement to your Amazon shopping cart.  The possibilities are nearly endless, not to mention all the data that will be generated.

How real is this? Well, ARM developed a new operating system called “mbed OS” that will run on their lower level M-class processors. And they’ve made it free to developers. A lot things are happening in this space and that’s why manufacturers like ARM have been taking steps in the background to support what they see coming.

And that’s the week in commerce, on October 10, 2014.



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