The Week in Commerce: September 19, 2014

Top stories from the world of eCommerce. Full transcript below.


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Hey, Kevin from Carlson on Commerce here with some top eCommerce stories from last week.

Apple released the new iPhone 6 this week and one of the most compelling additions to the popular iOS platform is near field communication, or NFC.  NFC is used for mobile payment in other parts of the world and it’s nice to see it finally showing up — mainstream — in the US.  It’s a little disappointing that Apple decided to lock the NFC functionality to ApplePay, but given their proprietary approach to many things, it’s not too surprising they would lock in users — and profits.

Rocket internet is poised to take some German siblings to the moon, financially, that is. Rocket is about to float a 5 billion euro IPO which could make billionaires of the Samwer brothers who founded the company. They’re also going to benefit from their 17% share in Zalando when that company goes public.  Glückwunsch an die Samwer-bruder.

Apple makes the top stories twice this week with a bold move to protect user data. Apple changed iOS 8 in a way that allows only the user to retrieve the vast information available on their iOS mobile devices. iCloud data remains accessible, but anything stored outside of iCloud is going to be tough to get.  Law enforcement officials are already squawking about this saying that it will hamper investigative efforts.

Magento, a strong eCommerce platform on which over 240,000 commerce sites are built, is taking an unfortunate hit this week from rogue developers. Several third-party Magento plug-ins were found to contain malware that allowed hackers to gain back-door access to unsuspecting sites.  Good reason to make sure you fully vet plugins before they destroy an otherwise sound decision.

And this week wouldn’t be complete without mention of Alibaba’s IPO. The last time I looked, the total raised was just shy of $22 billion. Staggering.  It will be interesting to see where Alibaba invests in the near future and how they’re able to change the global eCommerce landscape.

Lot’s of stuff happening in a really big week for eCommerce, on September 19, 2014.  See you next week!


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