The Week in Commerce: September 12, 2014

Top stories from the world of eCommerce. Part of a new series called The Week In eCommerce.  If the video doesn’t display, it can be viewed on the Carlson On Commerce channel on YouTube.

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Hey, Kevin from Carlson on Commerce here with some top eCommerce stories from last week.

Twitter began rolling out the “buy” button for some users and partnered with MusicToday, Gumroad, and Stripe for the initial test.  Some Twitter users will have the ability to purchase directly from their twitter feed and Twitter plans on increasing user access quickly. Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook, who rolled out a buy button in July of this year. Expect other social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to follow suit.

It was reported that Home Depot’s systems had been under attack for months and that any credit card used at Home Depot in the last 6 months should be considered stolen. The attack, which focused on the vulnerable point-of-sale systems in Home Depot stores is the same attack vector used in the Target breach in late 2013 and was likely caused by the same group of hackers.

Two thumbs up to Alibaba, who seems to have delivered on B2B commerce in a way that Amazon hasn’t.  The organization has been able to bring global buyers within reach of Alibaba marketplace suppliers due to a geographical advantage: Proximity to the supply chain of Chinese manufacturers.  This advantage allowed Alibaba to process over $1 billion in wholesale transactions in fiscal 2014. The lesson for B2B eCommerce vendors? Play to your advantage, not only your competition.

UPS is being faced with more downward price pressure from large eCommerce vendors like Amazon. UPS has announced they plan to slash their shipping costs faster than the pressured decline in prices. This should be an interesting point of tension in the commerce world, especially leading in the 2014 holiday season.

And that’s the week in eCommerce, on September 12, 2014.

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