Is Mobile Really That Important?

I’ve just started producing a series of video blogs focused on mobile commerce.  During the coming weeks, I’ll publish short videos on different aspects of mobile commerce ranging from development approach to customer experience to back-end architecture design. The first video addresses the question, “Is Mobile Really That Important?”, which I am still asked on occasion.

The video is on the Carlson On Commerce channel on YouTube and is embedded below. The transcript is below the video.

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Mobile Q&A:  Is Mobile Really That Important?

Hey everybody, Kevin here from Every day I have conversations with people about lots of stuff related to eCommerce and these days, questions are especially focused on mobile commerce.

Recently, a client asked me, “Is mobile really all that important for my business?” Well, it definitely depends on the business, but there are three reasons why it is an important consideration.

Reason One: Mobile continues to gain momentum. Overall revenue generated from mobile purchases has doubled in the first quarter of 2014 year over year. And unique mobile visitors rose over 36% while total mobile page views jumped 56%. Also, among mobile users, same-store conversion rates jumped almost 30%. That influence is fairly impressive.

Reason Two: The eCommerce market is growing by leaps and bounds and the percentage of transactions completed entirely on mobile devices is trending strongly upward. Mobile commerce is predicted to grow from $17b in 2014, to $31b in 2017. Those are some incredible numbers, but there’s an even better, more obvious, reason.

Reason Three: Look around. Mobile devices are everywhere. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers use at least one mobile device while shopping — just to research and purchase. Also, almost half of consumers use their smartphones to search for product information, look up prices on a store’s mobile site and check inventory while shopping.

So, if you’re not offering your customers the opportunity to connect with you on a mobile device, whether they’re in the store or not, you’re missing out on a very large market opportunity and you’ll probably lose some business to companies that are meeting consumers where they are.

And that’s on their mobile devices.

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