The End of TV as we know it? Mainstream Adoption of Mobile Video Streaming

A year ago I posted a blog on using mobile video streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat as additional tools to support an eCommerce experience and it looks like this new medium is receiving increased attention. A recent Wall Street Journal article (paywalled) mentions that Martha Stewart is testing Facebook Live as a much less expensive alternative to producing a TV show.

This is very reminiscent of a time not that long ago when newspapers first began to be impacted by the increase in online media. Newspapers that didn’t try and figure out how such a change would affect their business model began to struggle when the web came to dominate how people consumed information. Some never recovered. It was easy to post text and visual content on line. Anyone could do it and the ease and efficiency of the process fundamentally changed collective perspective on print media.

Now that popular personalities are adopting streaming technologies from Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook and other mobile video streaming tools, it would seem that we’re at a similar inflection point. Anyone can produce a live video stream now with ease. That doesn’t mean they’ll all be great, and it may mean having to wade through mountains of chaff to get to the wheat. This should only really be an issue until leaders emerge and we learn who to follow in this relatively new medium. This is no different than the web was, is, or will be, and most of us have developed methods to decide on how to filter out the noise. I, for one, would rather wade through a seemingly endless set of options looking for media that I want versus having the limited options of the past.

On things seems certain, though. As more and more producers with experience in TV take to streaming, learn the ins/outs of a less forgiving format, and begin to effectively monetize their efforts…

…this could be the end of TV as we’ve known it.


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